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8 years ago | January 26, 2016

With 2016 already underway, I thought it would be quite fitting for us to take a look at the forecasted trends for this year!  For many of you this is the year you’ll marry your other half, which means you’re most likely nose deep in flagged bridal magazine pages and pins overflowing your pinterest boards. As I’m sure you’ve noticed there are some wedding trends that are here to stay, a few that are thankfully on their way out, many that distinguish themselves to this decade and some that are just too rouge for the majority of us.

That being said, I think we should dive in and take a look at what we can expect to see this year! Compiled through varied sources such as The Knot, WeddingWire and MN Bride – here’s a glance into 2016:

Cocktail and Appetizer Pairings

We all love refreshments and mini delicacies, especially at weddings, so why not make a killer combo that your guests are sure to gush over? Plus it’s a fun way to incorporate a signature drink and add a personalized touch to even the food and beverage portion of your event.

Bright and Romantic Lights

One look at wedding decor on Pinterest can quickly confirm that not only is lighting a huge trend, but doable in many forms. Whether it’s a dramatic chandelier, chunky bulbs lights, a backdrop of twinkling lights or spot lights placed strategically throughout your event space, lighting has the ability to really transform the vibe of your wedding.

Unconventional Botanicals

There are some brides craving a little variety when it comes to their florals, which has caused them to expand not only to plants but to vegetables too! Succulents bring a soft and earthy look to arrangements and are quickly gaining popularity. On the even more alternative side, we’re seeing cabbage! This trend is overflowing not only to bouquets, but to centerpeices too! Think potted trees, wildflowers mixed with herbs such as Rosemary and cabbage used as lucious fillers.

Copper and Metallic Decor

This trend made its entrance into the scene last year and is definitely here to stay! You can expect to see some of Pantone’s newly declared colors of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue, mixed in but metallic may be the new burlap. I for one am a-okay with that!

Foil Stamped Invitations

While we’re discussing the copper trend, this one falls perfectly in place as it stems for the metallics sweeping the popularity contest. Although it’s becoming more common now and becoming easier to find on Shutterfly, Snapfish, etc…I would also highly recommend for your wedding invitations, thank yous, place cards, all paper goods! You can often find helpful promo codes too!

High Ballerina Buns

While loose up-dos are still king, we’re seeing more and more brides opt for the regal, sophisticated look of the ballerina bun. Not only does it ensure your hair will stay out of your face all the way from afternoon pictures to late night dancing, but it’s also a way to bring more focus on your eyes and lashes.

Naked Cakes

Although frosting may be one of my favorite parts of the cake, I’m willing to sacrifice the future cavity for this trendy look. Dress it up with some full flowers, the perfect pedestal cake stand (don’t forget the cake stand!) and you’ve got yourself not only a trendy spectacle! (There’s no denying the cake doubles as a decor piece and a tasty dessert!)

Seating Chart Alternatives

it by bit brides are easing away from the traditional look of all round tables and choosing to spice up the diagram with a mixture of seating styles including long banquet tables. With this look, you’re shifting away from conference/banquet style seating and creating more of a family dining environment. Plus it can add depth to your room as well!

Illusion Bodices

Gone are the days of strapless dresses being the go-to (all brides everywhere are sighing with relief!). Illusion bodices blend the comfort and stability of straps with the sexiness of strapless – so really you’re getting the best of both worlds. Plus it’s adding texture to the dress which is a really unique feature!

Retro Groom’s Ensembles

Last but certainly not least, your man. Some grooms just want to know where to get measured for their “wedding outfit”, while other grooms hold a strong opinion about what they’ll sport on the big day. Let’s hope if you have the latter, the two of you share similar tastes and styles. In 2016 you can expect to see a refined, retro look for the Groom. Think navy or even cobalt suits, tan leather shoes, and leaving the vest at the rental store. Oh and skinny ties and bow ties – because who doesn’t love a man in a bow tie?

I’m anxious to see these trends in action and live out all that 2016 has in store!

I hope all your vision forecasting and planning is smooth sailing!

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